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Join us for a look back of 2018's great moments in German – Vietnamese business relationship


Vietnam’s economic prospects improve further, with GDP 2018 projected to expand by 6.8%

Vietnam's economic growth momentum remains robust and is accompanied by broad macroeconomic stability.  The recent growth was driven by a cyclical increase in global demand as well as a recovery in investment from FDI and private sector, and an ongoing shift of labor away from agriculture into more productive manufacturing and service sectors. More here >>>

German Business Confidence Index in Vietnam 2018

According to the result of AHK World Business Outlook Index 2018 conducted by DIHK in Germany: the business confidence of German firms in Vietnam remains positive. In the 12 months ahead, 54 percent of German firms intend to continue investing in Vietnam and 52 percent of the firms plan to hire more employees. Further on, 44 percent of the companies still consider the economic policy framework conditions and the lack of skilled workers as greatest uncertainty factor for their businesses. More here >>>

Visa exemption for German citizens until June 30, 2021

According to the new decision of Vietnam’s government, the visa waiver for citizens of 5 Western European countries, including Germany is valid until 30 June 2021. Citizens of these 5 countries are exempted from visa to enter and stay in Viet Nam for not more than 15 days regardless of passport types and purposes of trip. More here >>>


FTA between the EU and Vietnam

The EVFTA will bring the customs facilitation, exchanging information on custom requirements; investing in the modernisation and simplification of customs procedures and ensuring transparency of all custom requirements. This agreement will also create new market access opportunities across a range of sectors, covering goods, services and investment. Therefore, European and German commerce will benefit in multiple ways.
Updated status:

September 17, 2018: The German federal government has confirmed their support in implementing the ambitious plan: Ratification of the EU-Vietnam FTA until the end of this year! The federal government views EU-Vietnam FTA should be given high priority. This Free Trade Agreement sends out an important signal of the high growth ASEAN region and has the model function for further upcoming Free Trade Agreements as well. More details here >>>
September 21, 2018: The Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission published all chapters of the EU-Vietnam trade and investment agreements. All up-to-date chapters you could find here >>>
October 11, 2018: Brussels to launch ratification of EU-Vietnam trade deal: The Commission did send the English version to the Parliament and the Council so they can launch their preparations for the ratification of the accord.
October 17, 2018: The College of Commissioners is expected to adopt the EU-Vietnam trade and investment agreements and thus ready them for signature and conclusion, as a sign of goodwill ahead of Asia-Europe summit taking place in October 2018, and to show who is the freest trader of them all.

The Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

The CPTPP covers economies representing around 16 percent of global economic output and 500 million people. It includes cuts to tariff and nontariff barriers among its members and is designed around high standards on human rights, labor practices, and environmental standards. According to that, the agreement also affects the global value chains and is expected to help Vietnam expand exports and join the global value chain more deeply.

Vietnam ratified CPTPP on November 12, 2018. The free trade agreement was voted by 96.7% of the Vietnam's National Assembly. As a result, Vietnam becomes the 7th party that implements the agreement. Mexico was the first country that signed the contract, followed by Japan, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam. The CPTPP will come into force by the beginning of 2019 and affects the ratification of the free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam positively. More here >>>


The Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business APK 2018

Taking place in Jakarta on November 2 and 3, 2018 with around 900 German companies and their partners in the region, APK is really the place where German and Asian Business interests meet. Germany and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region have long enjoyed close and strong partnerships and Asia-Pacific is the most important non-European region for the trade of German companies. At the APK 2018, Indonesian President Joko Widodo and ministers from Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, as well as around 900 decision-makers analysed current political and economic trends, regarding the future, such as the development of the global trading system, Industrie 4.0, mobility, artificial intelligence, urbanization, and economic and security policy challenges in the region.

China Plus One Delegation to Vietnam

In the recent years, China is gradually losing its cost advantage and competitiveness in comparison to other Asian countries. As a result, many companies in China are looking to diversify their operations by adding another location in Asia. This strategy is known as the ‘China plus one’ model. Vietnam is also the country that could benefit from this strategy and there is an increasing number of enquiries and demands of German companies seeking a suitable investment location in Vietnam. Realizing on that fact, GIC/AHK Vietnam organized a so called “China Plus Onedelegation with 10 participants. Within 5 working days in Vietnam, German companies based in China have achieved an overview of Vietnam investment conditions and environment from North to South of the countries and visited different IPs with international standards to screen and find their suitable location in Vietnam to invest in.

Saxony Delegation to Vietnam

A business delegation from Saxony, Germany to Vietnam under the direction of Saxony´s Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport, Martin Dulig had the participation of more than 20 companies. Within the business trip in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City, potential contacts across industries (with focus on machinery and equipment, infrastructure, textile, vehicle supply) are offered to match participants and to create the platform for the experiences exchange.  

GTAI German Vietnamese Business Forum

The German Vietnamese Forum took place in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of 50 guests, organized by Germany Trade And Invest (GTAI) with the support of GIC/AHK Vietnam. This forum was one of the activities and events that we did organize for a GTAI business delegation visiting Vietnam on purpose of understanding the market, finding suitable local partners as well as establishing valuable contacts with local and German investors to exchange the experiences.


AHK global conference in Berlin

Every two years, representatives of German chambers (AHKs) from our 140 offices in 92 countries come together at the AHK World Conference in Berlin for experience exchanges and sharping the future consulting services providing to the German companies worldwide. This year Mr. Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, praised the successful work of the German Chambers Abroad for German foreign trade. He confirmed that the AHKs global are the economic ambassadors of Germany.

Deutschland.de: “Shift to Vietnam”

New EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement means Vietnam could compete with other large Asian countries. Marko Walde, GIC/AHK Managing Director Vietnam, explains why. More here >>>

Handelsblatt: Wie die deutsche Wirtschaft in Asien neue Partner sucht.

Das Geschäft mit den Schwellenländern birgt Potenzial und Stabilität. Die Bundesregierung und Unternehmen setzen nun verstärkt auf Chinas Nachbarn. Mehr dazu >>>

Handelsblatt: Wie die deutsche Wirtschaft Vietnam ein Auto baut

Die Autos von Vinfast wurden von deutschen Maschinen gefertigt. Sie basieren auf deutschen Modellen, bestehen zur Hälfte aus Teilen deutscher Firmen, und sie wurden von Arbeitern gebaut, die nach deutschen Standards ausgebildet wurden. In einem Fortbildungszentrum direkt im Hauptquartier machen gerade 200 Vietnamesen eine Ausbildung, die von der Auslandshandelskammer zertifiziert worden ist. In der höchsten Stufe ist der Abschluss mit dem deutschen Industriemechaniker oder Kfz-Mechatroniker vergleichbar. HERE >>>

DIHK Economic Survey Fall 2018

79 Chambers of Industry and Commerce ask, approximately 27,000 Enterprises answer. Expectations for exports have suffered a significant setback and are now below their long-term average. The distortions in trade policy are unsettling companies and leaving their mark. Companies fear that the rampant trade conflicts, especially between the USA and China, will have a serious impact on trade over the next twelve months. In the near future, the emerging markets will be at least partially absent as growth drivers. More HERE >>>

Deutsche Welle: Vietnam: Asia's new economic 'poster child'

Vietnam is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies. DW's Manuela Kasper-Claridge traveled to the country to get a taste of a nation undergoing economic transition.
Our Chief Representative talked on the potentials of Vietnam and Vietnams benefits after the EU-Vietnam FTA goes into effect. More on that interview >>>

Deutsche Welle: Vietnam's first-ever car brand in the making

Vingroup is poised to launch Vietnam's first-ever car brand, as it has invested more than $3 billion in a production line that is expected to churn out its first cars in 2019. More here >>>

GTAI: The trade mark “Made in Germany”

GTAI conducted a survey among its offices worldwide to find out the current value of the trade mark “Made in Germany”. The demand of “Made in Germany” products increases significantly and people here are willing to pay more for better quality products. The products from Germany are known as high quality, trustable but high priced.  More here >>>

Die Welt on Vietnam economic development

An article in German language describing the current situation of Vietnam as well as the dynamic development in the recent years. It also analyzed the success factors pushing this economy forward. More here >>>

IHK Wiesbaden: 3 questions on Marko Walde, Chief Representative of GIC/AHK Vietnam

IHK Wiesbaden conducted an interview with Marko Walde, our Chief on the current economic development of Vietnam, the chances and challenges for German companies as well as the tips for market entry strategies. More here >>>


Our new Ho Chi Minh City office in Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City since July 2018

Starting from 01 July 2018, our Ho Chi Minh City office and the office of GBA Vietnam have been re-located to new building, Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City. We would like to thank you for your continued support and please visit us at our new office:
Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City
4th Floor, 33 Le Duan Blvd, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
GIC/AHK Vietnam - Tel.: +84 (28) 3823 9775
GBA Vietnam - Tel.: +84 (28) 3823 9772

German Business Incubator Vietnam

With this brand new service, GIC/AHK Vietnam provides German start-up and SMEs a launching pad to establish itself in one of the most dynamic economies in Asia. The Incubator is accommodated in “German House Ho Chi Minh City” - one of the most modern and most energy-efficient office buildings of the South Vietnamese business metropolis. 

The German House is situated in Le Duan Boulevard, right in the heart of district 1, the city’s central business district. In that sense, it is an excellent starting point for all business activities in Vietnam. In this regards, we provide working spaces, meeting rooms, networking opportunities and workshops for your excellent starting point in Vietnam.

GIC/AHK Vietnam is the official representative of the state Rhineland-Palatinate in Vietnam

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany officially opened a representative office in German Industry and Commerce Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam) in December 2018 on purpose to promote bilateral trade and investment between State of Rhineland-Palatinate and Vietnam. The representative office will provide information on market entries, enterprise contacts and investment environment at Rhineland-Palatinate as well as support German enterprises seeking partners in Vietnam.

Opening a Leipzig’s Representative Office  in the German Business Incubator Vietnam at Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City

Due to the increasing cooperation and numerous projects in the past with Ho Chi Minh City, Leipzig establishes a representative office to strengthen the relationship to Vietnam and to support companies in doing business here.

Dual Vocational Training Projects according to the DIHK Germany standards in Vietnam

GIC/AHK Vietnam is the unique institution which consults, coordinates and controls the quality of dual vocational training programs according to the standards of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam. Currently we have more than 300 apprentices in different occupations, namely industrial mechanics, mechatronics, chef and restaurant specialist, freight forwarding and logistics agent and industrial fashion tailor.

Workshop “Selling to Germans”

Selling to Germans is a 2-hour workshop created by German Industry and Commerce Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam) that will enable Vietnamese companies and suppliers to deal with German companies and to get started with doing business with Germans and focuses on different relevant topics: German business culture, German expectation, distribution channels and trade fairs in Germany, Online marketing channels in Germany (in the upcoming February 2019) as well as Setting up a business in Germany (in the upcoming April 2019). Follow us on social media and website for further details: www.vietnam.ahk.de


AHK Vietnam Booklet
A German information booklet on Vietnam’s current economic development, business environment and investment climate in Vietnam. Thereby, German companies achieve an overview of Vietnam and the region ASEAN in order to meet their right decisions at the right time in the right place and with the right people. Download here >>>

Our new publication ASEAN Snapshot 2018 on the business relations between ASEAN and Germany is now available ONLINE. All economic indicators and fact sheets of each ASEAN country are presented with charts and indicators for better and easier understanding. Download here >>>

ASEAN Cluster Atlas
The Cluster Atlas ASEAN provides an easy and comprehensive overview of all major industry clusters in the ASEAN countries. (German only). A project of the state Bavaria, Germany. More here >>>

GIC/AHK Vietnam New Information Flyer in Vietnamese
All our services and projects provided to the Vietnamese clients, partners, companies and organizations you could find there >>>

NEW Responsive Web Designs

We launched our websites with the brand new responsive web design to serve our readers and partners In the better way. Whether you’re viewing our website on your smartphone, iPad or a laptop, desktop, our new design will be unified and easy for you to navigate despite the differing screen sizes.

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GIC/AHK Vietnam Online Job Market

All the current job positions at the German and international companies in Vietnam, you could find on our webpage at the following link here >>>

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